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THE ULTIMATE GODDESS COLLECTION                                               3500 

For the woman that wants it all and deserves it, this exquisite collection includes:

* 12x12 60 image Custom Luxury Album with Acrylic image cover, matching                   storage box and USB

* Corresponding fully edited digitals with print release to 8x12

* 20x30 Metal Wall Art

* 2 16x24 Metal Wall Arts

12 Month Calendar

* 30% off a la carte menu


THE PRIMADONNA COLLECTION                                            1750       

A client favorite, this collection includes a bit of everything from your


* 16X24 Metal Wall Art

* 10x10 30 image Custom Luxury Album with matching storage box 

Folio Box of 10 matted 8x12 prints


*12 Month Calendar

**upgrade 30 corresponding digitals  500

* 20% off a la carte menu

THE DIVA COLLECTION                                1200 

For those on a budget, the Diva collection includes:


*8x8 20 image Custom Luxury Album with matching storage      box

*8x12 Metal Print

** upgrade 20 corresponding digitals add-ons  700

* 10% off a la carte menu

Payment plans are available upon request and are made at your image viewing/selection session.

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