Why Boudoir?

Why not?

I believe in empowering women. I believe in confidence.

A boudoir session is an empowerment session. It's not about sexy pictures, but the strength and power that makes every woman sexy.

I know many will say "I need to lose weight first. I have stretch marks. My boobs are not perky anymore."

Every.Single.Woman I've photographed has said these words to me and has been incredibly happy with the end results.

No worries.

I will take of you through masterful and tasteful posing and clothing to make you look your best.

My boudoir sessions are a lot of fun! We start with your consultation to discuss the look you're going for and deciding what type of print products you want . We'll go over hair, makeup and wardrobe, props and location.

This all helps with us getting comfortable with each other prior to your shoot.

On the day of your empowerment session, we'll start with light refreshments and music of your choice. 

As the photography begins, YOU become my super model for the day. 

When the session is over, we go over your images to select your favorites.

This session can be a gift to your significant other. But believe me, it's really a gift to yourself!

So when you're ready to be empowered, give me a call.

                                            BOUDOIR SESSION INVESTMENT  $999*

                                                                           *payment plans are available

Your session includes:


hair and makeup

photographer's time and talent

use of client wardrobe

location fees

image selection appointment

heirloom album