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                            HOW IMPORTANT  ARE YOUR  MEMORIES?

Growing up, we were taught the value of books, records and photographs, all in their own way are story tellers.

Sadly, each of these seems like things of the past, nostalgic.

Technology has taken the tactile essence away from each. We listen to books, we don't play records on turntables , and we scroll through our phones to look at tiny images.


They all are classic ways of storytelling. I'm trying to help keep it alive. Tomorrows' technology may not support yesterdays method of capuring the precious images of your memories.

When was the last time you used a floppy disk or a cd? 

Or those horrible magnetic albums!

I recommend printing your images so you can enjoy them daily instead of looking through hundreds of tiny images on your computer or phone.

Being able to glance up at framed photos or thumbing through an album brings memories of happy times, celebrations, people that were and are dear to us.

Memories are so important.  Don't let them become extinct.

Pile of CDs
USB Drive

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